Apocalymas — We’re all doomed! Happy holidays

With the Mayan Calendar predicting an eminent galactic alignment signifying the possible end of days, Traction has createdApocalymas: a 12 day counting down to the end of the world... or maybe not.

APOCALYMAS —12 signs of the end of the world—or why you don't have to care about the holidays this year.

Traction has created a 12 day "advent calendar" counting down to December 21st—the day many believe the world will cease to exist. This online experience features a variety of custom content that reveals the possible impending Apocalypse. We hope the Mayans were wrong or too lazy to create a calendar that went past 2012—but just in case our gift to the world is: Apocalymas.

The Countdown to the end of the world at  dis.tractionco.com

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