Dialects of Futures Unfolding, Pt 4, Vol 9

"We're going to win at losing." - Traction Senior Technologist Tack Trudell commenting on the Traction house band's chance of winning the 2013 SFBig Battle of the Bands.

And so we did - in thoroughly epic, and thoroughly Traction, style. As a small agency, Traction simply doesn't have the staff numbers to win the popular vote at the SFBig Battle of the Bands. After several years of trying (and failing) to win against larger agencies we opted for a different strategy this year - to lead with our weirdness, our creativity, and our "don't give a f***" attitude. And hence Dialects of Futures Unfolding, Pt 4, Vol 9 was born.

We're going to win

at losing.

Tack Trudell

Traction Senior Technologist

Part performance art, part psychedelic rock, and part costumed shenanigan;  Dialects of Futures Unfolding, Pt 4, Vol 9 is a shamanistic rock spectacular influenced by Throbbing Gristle, the Flaming Lips, King Missile, Pink Floyd, and legendary mid-90's Brit Pop supergroup Oasis. Our 20 minute long synth masterpiece was dedicated to the memory of Kyle - a "10 years young" baby in a jar - as told through the art of haiku and interpretive pony dancing. Did we mention that our percussionist is a sock monkey? I believe we did not...

Did we win, of course not! Most great art goes unappreciated in it's own time. But tweets like this made the whole night worthwhile. 

Okay, so @sfbig hosted an awesome #battleofthebands this evening. Personally, I thought @traction was the clear winner. Mind blown.

— Brian Davis (@MrBrianGD) August 15, 2013

Congratultions to Vinyl Spectrum - the winning band from this year's SFBig Battle of the Bands. We look forward to topping our act, and stealing your trophy, in 2014.          

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