Digiday quotes Hannah Ross in API breakdown

In Digiday’s most recent article, ‘It can only get better’: Agencies break down platforms’ APIs, columnist Ross Benes reaches out to Traction's own Hannah Ross for insight into the comparisons between social networks and their APIs.

Digiday talked to agencies to get their take on ads APIs from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat. Ease of navigation and convenience of use are key components of a successful API. A key takeaway from Hannah’s comparison between Facebook and Instagram, was that Instagram’s API doesn’t allow for any automated scheduling, so a person has to manually submit orders whenever they want to run an ad. Overall, according to Digiday, agencies feel that “Facebook, Instagram and Twitter’s APIs are easy to work with, while Pinterest’s and Snapchat’s are pretty limiting.” 

Check out the rest of the breakdown on Digiday.com

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