Facebook’s ‘new home on Android’

"Come see our new home on Android" - and with that teaser, the promise of a Facebook Phone comes one step closer to reality. Obviously marketers are abuzz with news of this Facebook/Android collaboration and much has already been written on the subject. Traction CEO Adam Kleinberg, never one to shy away from analyzing the impact of emerging trends/technologies, recently gave his thoughts on the topic to Matt Kapko and ClikZ

"The power of the Android platform is that it's flexible and you can create your own version of it. Just like there's flavors of Linux, there's flavors of Android. And I think that this flavor will be very powerful... I think this gives them an opportunity to, if they're doing an operating system, to integrate the new feed and new advertising opportunities there first."

The full article, with additional insights from Adam, can be read here: What Marketers Expect From Facebook's 'New Home on Android'

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