The making Of Apocalymas - Part 3

In the final installment on The Making of Apocalymas, we delve even deeper behind the scenes to explore the creation of content for the days 9 - 12 of Apocalymas.

If you happened to miss our awesome blog post for the first eight days, you can find it here: The Making of Apocalymas Part 1 and here The Making of Apocalymas Part 2.

Day 9: The End Of The World Activity Book — Jon Stepping, ACD, Kellie Stepping, Art Director and Melanie Kaufman, Senior Project Manager.

At Traction, we love old puzzels and games: crosswords, jumbles, etc. So we thought it would be fun to do an activity book.

"I really liked the idea of a family sitting around a roaring fire, waiting for world to end and doing all the activities in this book—that image just made me laugh." - Kellie Stepping

Kellie and Melanie came up with all the puzzels and games and Jon did the design and layout. We really didn't think anyone would actually download the activity book and do all the activities, but we really hoped at least one person would do it, just for "shits and giggles."

Day 10: The Ornament — Andre Perez and Connor O'Sullivan, Developers

Once Andre and Connor decided they wanted to create something for Apocalymas, they decided to try something they have never done before. 

"We started with a story idea over a few beers, made some sketches which turned into a storyboard, then into a video animation. What we ended up with is a blend of animation, original music and poetry into one finished piece, showcasing some of our skills that we don't often get to flex working on client work at Traction." - Connor O'Sullivan

Andre did rough sketches on paper then did the final art in Photoshop. Finally he animated the imagery in After Effects. Connor wrote the poetry while Andre was sketching out the story board. Once the animation was finished, Connor composed the sound design, recording reverb drenched baritone guitars, analog synthesizers and field recordings for the soundtrack. 

The final piece was something that was very different then the rest of the content we did for Apocalymas, but again the idea was 12 days of unique and interesting content—and "The Ornament" is certainly unique and interesting.

The result is a trip through a post-apocalyptic world with radioactive changelings haunted by memories of the holiday traditions of his ancestors—Or at least that is what Connor and Andre told us.

Day 11: Rise Of The Lolcats — Kellie Stepping, Art Director and Kasey Smith, Office Manager

Kasey our office manager is something of a Meme expert.  She research, collects, categorizes and dissects the various memes that populate the internet today. Yeah, we think it is weird too.

" I just think if you want to understand the joy that is the internet, then you have to study it's dark seedy underbelly—primarily Cat Memes." - Kasey Smith.

With Kellie's input and dark sensibility, They thought it would be an interesting twist if during the Apocalypse, the cats rise and reappropriate the very meme's that they have been a subject of and subjected to—it sounded funny to us, so what the hell.

Day 12: Greg Kalifornia Farewell Video — Kele Todd, Senior Graphic Designer and Greg Kaleva,  Comptroller.

The last day of Apocalymas was a real challenge.  We discussed many different options some were great, some were stupid.  So we decided to do something that was stupidly great.

"The Greg Kalifornia video was kind of my baby. I think the initial idea had something to do with with a farewell video from the entire agency, but that seemed like a bit of a logistical nightmare. So it got streamlined down to just Greg. Greg has been a featured character in many of the Traction's PR materials to date, and is a character everyone seems to likes, so I figured he'd need to be featured in the holiday card in one more time." -Kele Todd

Kele was a one man writer, director, producer on this video. He wrote the script, set up an impromptu green screen studio, spent six hours filming the casual pro Greg Kaleva (a.k.a Greg Kalifornia), then went straight into post production keying out and editing the footage. 

"I just showed up and had fun being myself—I really don't know why Traction keeps putting me in this stuff, but I'm not going to argue." - Greg Kaleva

We had enough footage for a 10 minute video, but we all thought that it might be too much of a "good thing." Needless to say, the video still makes Greg laugh.

In conclusion...

Apocalymas was a wonderful experiment.  We learned a lot during this holiday extravaganza and in the end, that was the whole point.  Sure things could have been more polished and refined, but we set out to create a experience that lasted 12 days and showcased a piece of custom content created by the agency—that was no small undertaking considering a extremely truncated timeline and a very limited budget.

So there you have it.  We hoped you enjoyed it.

Theo Fanning ECD

Theo is an illustrator and filmmaker by design, a designer and copywriter by necessity, and his office is living proof that vintage tin toys and crystal skulls can live harmoniously with deer heads and silver emulsion photo cells.