Unique company policies employees love

How does one "take the police out of policies" and establish a company value set that motivates, inspires, and develops your employees? Traction CEO Adam Kleinbergrecently shared his thoughts on the topic in the iMedia Connection article Unique Company Values That Employees Love.

"A policy is a rule that governs your business. What kind of business do you want it to be?... policies can help to do more than define the requirements for jury duty and worker's comp. They can help define your culture. The clever few who have realized this are reaping gains. Their policies are recruiting tools. They increase retention. They improve performance."

Focusing on trust, company values, employee investment, and motivation with examples from Netflix, Salesforce, Google, and our own agency Traction; Adam concludes that,

"Too often policies are considered tools for policing. They exist to mitigate risk and check boxes. Those are important things to do, perhaps. But the thing all of the policies here have in common is that they are not about policing. They are policies that empower."

To read the full article please see here: Unique Company Values That Employees Love

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