Vaginas in advertising

There has been a growing trend in advertising over the last year that has been a little hard to miss: Vaginas are popping up everywhere. Perhaps some think it is edgy or liberating or educational. Or maybe they believe that referencing them liberally makes ads more current and viable. Any way you slice it, the vagina is here to stay...

Now I'm no puritan, but it all seems a little gimmicky to me. Like when a child discovers a word that makes people laugh, they use it again and again until everyone around them is sick of it. Whatever your opinion of this trend, watching it evolve has been absolutely delightful.

It all started clever and understated, with a smart undertone:

July 20, 2011
Theo Fanning ECD

Theo is an illustrator and filmmaker by design, a designer and copywriter by necessity, and his office is living proof that vintage tin toys and crystal skulls can live harmoniously with deer heads and silver emulsion photo cells.