CampaignMasterImage 3D

Bringing cinema to life

Used by theaters in over 70 countries, MasterImage 3D is at the forefront of 3D technology for both cinema and mobile devices. They came to us for a memorable campaign to showcase their products, technology, and dedication to making 3D thrive.

Adding dimensions

We knew that MI3D needed more than a campaign—they needed a way to tell their ongoing story as the world of 3D continues to evolve. Our goal was to empower them to address, leverage, and adapt to the shifting 3D landscape in real time.

MI3D posters

Leaping off the page. And screen.

First we created a versatile brand platform that emphasized what the audience is missing when they see a film without MI3D technology. Then we complimented the campaign with a dynamic website that included parallax elements for a 3D look and feel, as well as updatable news and social content sections.

MI3D website

Projecting leadership

This combination was a great vehicle for MI3D to deliver their brand message, while curating news and social updates as needed to stay relevant in their space. With their new flexible site and memorable branding materials, MI3D will be able to showcase the power of their 3D technology now and into the future.

MI3D car chase
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