CampaignRiviana – Creamette

How we do pasta

Creamette had been a mainstay pasta choice in the Midwest for generations, but had lost its way. Riviana foods asked Traction to help them revitalize their beloved regional pasta with an updated cross-media campaign.

Bringing it back home

The brand’s longevity was working against it—it had begun to be considered “old-fashioned.” Our strategy was to tap into that brand nostalgia, but update it for a current Midwestern audience whose regional pride has become paramount.

Building cultural relevance

We built our campaign based on quintessential Midwestern culture. From surviving the seasons, to quirky crafting, to unexpected greetings, our campaign leveraged these cultural touch points and aligned them with midwestern pasta meals.

Made to stick (to the wall)

  • Over 3mm video views across digital and social
  • 95% completion rate
  • 10% lift in retail channel sales
How we do pasta
Bear Hug end card
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