Positioning hybrid data warehouse for $75M funding

To prepare for the launch of its new cloud offering, Yellowbrick Data needed to improve awareness, competitiveness, and campaign performance. We were tasked with creating a compelling vision for the future based on a differentiated offering. A year later, they had doubled recurring revenue and secured $75M in funding to take them to the next stage of growth.

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Ask bigger questions.

The category is dominated by products that haven’t kept up with the rapidly evolving needs of the market. But Yellowbrick enables companies to query vast quantities of data in hours, not days—so you can ask bigger questions.

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Comprehensive marketing overhaul.

Traction evolved Yellowbrick’s positioning and brand identity, developed an integrated brand campaign, and provided a roadmap for a demand generation program that has hybrid cloud data warehouse poised to reshape the market.

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Marketing overhaul accelerated growth.

  • $75 million in funding secured
  • 2x increase in annual recurring revenue
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