Serve the servers

In addition to being the world’s biggest laptop vendor, Lenovo is also a monster player in the enterprise server space. So on the heels of our success for their laptop business, Lenovo charged us with creating something that would resonate with the subset of IT pros who guide large datacenter decisions.

The inner inner circle

Big Iron IT influencers share many traits with their more user-facing bretheren, and in some cases they’re the same people — or they were, in a past life. They’re smart, savvy, and marketing-averse, with very full calendars. Buzzwords and empty claims are not the path to their hearts, nor does a whitepaper quicken the pulse. Our goal was to entertain and educate them, but in a relevant, strategic way.

Defining our strategic sandbox

Our research showed that these IT elites have common pain points. They’re constantly expected to do more with less, and to insure seamless continuity of service. Heaven help the IT pro who enters the waking nightmare of an unforeseen server outage. This is where we felt we could leverage Lenovo’s widely accepted reputation for server reliability.

Tragedy + not you = comedy

When unfortunate things happen to others, it can be wildly entertaining. So we imagined a high-anxiety drama set off by an unexpected outage, and brought that to life as a 2:00 video and an interactive comic adventure. In the video, two IT pros watch their day spin out of control as they field urgent phone calls, consult service manuals, and try to maintain a grip on their sanity. The interactive comic hits similar pain points while allowing the viewer/protagonist to escape the building completely in a fight-or-flight fantasy epic.

Hitting close to home

“Downtime Drama” shattered the client’s previous video response rates, with a 90% lift over our previous record-breaking Users Happen effort and a 68.8% CTR. And while it was a long-format piece, it still enjoyed a remarkable 75% completion rate, with 25% of our audience returning to watch it again. The “Serverpocalypse” interactive comic clocked an incredible response with over 1.3MM impressions, exploding across social media and garnering the highest lead conversion rate of any Lenovo content to date.

Serverpocalypse main
Serverpocalypse screens

Definitely the right direction

and unlike anything else I’d seen done on behalf of Data Center Group

Erin Monday

DCG Social Media Manager – Lenovo

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