Downtime drama

On the heels of our success for their laptop business, Lenovo charged us with creating something that would resonate with the subset of IT pros who guide large datacenter decisions.

Tragedy + not you = comedy

Our customer interviews revealed that the biggest fear among our datacenter IT pros was an unforeseen server outage. This is where we felt we could leverage Lenovo’s widely accepted reputation for server reliability.

The rebuild and back-up

The multichannel campaign included video spots, e-book “survival guides,” and plenty of omni-channel executions, featuring absurdist situations and a touch of “all-too-real” tech abuse.

Success in showcasing fails

  • 1.3MM impressions across social media and garnering the highest lead conversion rate of any Lenovo content to date
  • average 300% lift aross engagement KPIs
  • 68.8% CTR
  • 75% completion rate
  • 25% of our audience returning to watch it again
Serverpocalypse main
Serverpocalypse screens

Definitely the right direction

and unlike anything else I’d seen done on behalf of Data Center Group

Erin Monday

DCG Social Media Manager – Lenovo

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