The put-down-your-device app

Smartphones are amazing. But the rising epidemic of people ignoring each other (and basic safety/common sense) inspired us to rise up and do our little part in the only way we know how. The fun way.

Don’t be a Digital Douchebag™

Studies show that nine out of ten people check their phones while they’re with friends or family. Not cool. We wanted to create something that would help people honor quality social time with loved ones—while still utilizing cherished devices.

Gamification rehumanification

We looked inward to our own wellsprings of interpersonal joy—smacktalk and friendly rivalries—for inspiration. We developed MOB, an app that made a game out of not using your phone in social settings. First to touch their phone loses.

MOB screens

Can’t touch this

  • Our most successful native app release
  • Garnered press in DigiDay, Phone Cruncher, and other industry and cultural press. 
  • More importantly, it’s out there encouraging users to prioritize people over pings, pixels, or Pokémon.
MOB  hero
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