A new way to find movies

Dolby redefined hi-fidelity theater sound with their Atmos system. However, there had never been an easy way for movie-goers to find theaters featuring the new sound system, so we developed a search engine just for that.

Listening to the audience

Research told us that movie fans don’t really care where they get their tickets. We saw this as an opportunity to use that to our advantage and own as much of the ticketing experience as possible.

Responsive web app

From big screen to small

We developed an experience that worked on any screen. By using their location or simply selecting a movie title, customers were both able to find a showing featuring Dolby Atmos and select to purchase tickets within the UI.

Theater finder on laptop

Some sound results

  • 20% year-over-year growth in movie ticket finder searches. 
  • 10% increase Dolby movies tickets sales
  • Platform has been so successful that Dolby continues its expansion and evolution.
Dolby on mobile
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