3 lessons from a first-time CMO

After twelve years as an agency, Traction recently got a taste of the client's life after partnering with the Pacific Fruit & Beverage Company to bring calamansi juice to the mainstream American market. Suddenly our CEO Adam Kleinberg was a CMO tasked with figuring out a "way to not only build a brand, but get into shopping carts."

In a post for Entrepreneur Magazine, Adam talks about the three big lessons he's learned over the course of this professional transition - maximizing shelf space, including distributors in the marketing plan, and the similarities between consumer and B2B sales. Full of nuanced views on SKUs, visualizing aisle and shelf space, point-of-sale materials, street teams, and QR codes; the post is an important read for anyone involved in food/beverage sales. 

"Being part of a small brand requires an entirely different approach. It's all about the five Ps: product, price, placement, promotion and most importantly, people."

Want to learn more about Adam's lessons on being a CEO-turned-CMO? Want to learn more about calamansi, the fruit that's part lime and part mandarin orange? Read the entire post here:

  Marketing on a Dime: 3 Lessons From a First-Time CMO

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