Adam gets eaten by a cyborg bear

At Traction we believe that "everything is interactive." Taking that to heart, the creative team had some old-school interactive fun, inspired by Adam Kleinberg's SXSW presentation: "7 reasons why your employees hate you." Pretending that our boss was an evil tyrant, we xeroxed photos of Adam and took turns defacing enhancing them with a variety of mediums such as ink, pencil, and collage. Imaginary retribution never felt this good.

Have fun at SXSW, Adam! 

The Creative Team

Kellie Stepping Art Director

Designer, iron maiden, space cadet. Personality: Nihilistic. Power level: 95. Spirit animal: Lil Bub. At Traction, Kellie has done it all—from cleaning the bathroom to masterminding integrated campaigns for clients like Lenovo and Adobe. In her free time, she loves to lift heavy things, explore flea markets, & eat food.