Battle of the ice cream brands

I scream, you scream, we all scream for a truly optimized ice cream marketing plan.

The Fourth of July means parades, fireworks, BBQ, and ice cream so it's only fitting that this week's installment of Direct Marketing News' Battle of the Brands should see Baskin Robbins pitted against Cold Stone Creamery for marketing dominance.

Judged by industry professionals, the Battle of the Brands compares marketing plans and social media usage for two competing marquee-name brands. In Baskin Robbins vs. Cold Stone Creamery this panel of experts included Adam Kleinberg of Traction, Paul Marobella of Havas Discovery Group, Jim Thompson of OgilvyOne Group, and Mark Pollard of Big Spaceship. Focusing on each respective brands use of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, creative content, competitive positioning, TV spots, website, and mobile apps, the panel of experts concluded that while both companies showed moments of marketing brilliance, their overall marketing plans were as chunky as Rocky Road. Says Adam of their respective video ads:

"They're both clueless on that front. Strategically, Baskin decided they're about flavors, and they do support that in the content they create. It's just that they're not doing anything exciting with it. Cold Stone could kill it. It's the experience that matters and they've got that experience and it's exciting and they're the only one that have it. Yet, some of the homemade movies on YouTube that their employees created do a better job of conveying that.”

With issues capitalizing on "moments of brand joy", consistent social media updating, category selling over brand selling, frustrating website design, visual appetite appeal, and a lack of mobile apps - one brand was determined to have a sizeable edge over the other.

To read more, and to find out the winner of this Battle Of The Brands see the article:

Is Baskin Robbins still the flavor of the month or can Cold Stone Creamery scoop it?

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