Does content marketing boost sales?

Traction CEO Adam Kleinberg recently gave his thoughts on measuring content marketing ROI to Giselle Abramovich of Touching on successful content marketing campaigns by Target, L'Oreal, and Dell; Here's Proof Content Marketing Can Boost The Bottom Line posits that if content = reputation and reputation = sales than content marketing is more measurable than often assumed. 

"If I am a business customer and I happen to see a piece of content on Forbes,

a native piece, or your blog post somewhere, I’m not in the same mind-set when I am doing a Google search and ready to purchase. You need to have a longer-term plan to gain the full benefit that content marketing can bring to the picture. It’s myopic to look at the short-term benefits."

Adam Kleinberg

Traction CEO

Taking meandering customer journeys and the limitations of attribution modeling into account is content marketing more profitable, and more trackable than often assumed? Read the full article and see for yourself.

Here's Proof Content Marketing Can Boost The Bottom Line

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