Even hold music is interactive

Here at Traction we pride ourselves on making the most of art and technology for our clients. We dig a little deeper. We look for opportunities for interaction where people don't normally look. Hold music for instance.

Phone IVR systems are a huge part of how customers interact with clients. They're not just pressing buttons trying to get to support. Or hoping to speak to a sales rep about volume discounts. They're interacting with your brand. Is Kenny G your brand? I hope not. If a customer calls you to order 10,000 things and they have to listen to Michael Bolton first you may have just lost a sale.

Well, at Traction great work and interaction are part of our brand. Here are some highlights:

The A Team

Lavern and Shirley

Knight Rider

The X-Files

Star Trek Theme

The Muppet Show

Beverly Hill Billies 

Doctor Who


Tack Trudell Senior Technologist

I am an integrator of things. I look beyond front end, back end and the object to see where art and tech can manifest the whole.