How Kraft could use a brand API

If you've been following the last few posts, you're probably aware that I spoke at an event about brands and APIs last week. It was called "The Evolution of Distribution" and I spoke about the article I wrote for Mashable called "Why every brand needs an open API for developers." My presentation outlined how even a brand like Kraft might find unexpected value from releasing their own APIs.

I just added a few notes to my slides and posted them on the Traction SlideShare channel. I've also listed some other relevant links below if you're interested in the topic of brand APIs.

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Here are some other resources on brand APIs that I and others have written:

Does Every Brand Need an API for Developers? - Video of me speaking at last week's event.

Why Every Brand Needs an Open API for Developers - Original article I wrote for Mashable.

Digging Deeper on Brand APIs - A follow-up piece I wrote on my blog answering some questions people had about how a brand API might work.

How APIs Are Changing the Way Brands Connect With Consumers - Just found this piece written by Garrick Schmidt on AdAge.

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