Opinions welcome

Ad Week reports Laphroaig Scotch proposing a new campaign where its drinkers are welcomed to give their honest opinions, in which these honest opinions are tuned into ads, both print and video spots. To name a few, drinkers described the taste as, “A symphony of smoke. Tastes like a burning hospital. Earth never tasted to good.” Bill Henry, another Scotch enthusiast depicts it as, “An aroma of Kerosene. Like drinking liquid smoke. Beautiful Stuff. I love it.”

Why does this work? The old phrase, ‘honesty is the best policy,’ shines bright in this circumstance. People are more attracted to advertisements where it’s the true opinion of a previous customer, in this case, a trusted drinker. 

Laphroaig’s advertisement is successful in which it appears almost as a challenge. One Scotch fan may think, ‘There’s no way this Laphroaig can taste like Kerosene. In that case, I’ll take a bottle.’ Reverse psychology in its true form. Read more from Ad week and Laphroaig's campaign by clicking here. 

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