Traction’s glass is always half full

It's a known fact. Traction loves beer.

We own a kegerator with two selections on tap. We regularly celebrate beer o' clock. And the team itself has many connoisseurs as well as a brewer who won this year's Sierra Nevada Beer Camp competition. That is why a request to design Traction branded pint glasses not only made sense, but was long overdue.

The creative team held an impromptu design competition, receiving over 30 entries. A committee of very serious art directors dressed in black deliberated for a fortnight before choosing the top 5 finalists based on these criteria—overall creativity, elevating the brand look and feel, and embodying the Traction spirit. The final designs were then presented for the entire office to vote on.

Beer glass designs

After a lot of discourse and passionate debates (some turned downright philosophical) amongst Tractionites from all disciplines, intern Julie Nielsen's submission emerged as the crowd favorite. Minimal, elegant yet quirky, her double-sided design pays homage to Traction's classic look and feel, while introducing the newest iteration of the brand's logo. And how could anyone deny the simple yet persuasive call-to-action? Drink. 

Beer glass winner

Yesterday, the eagerly anticipated shipment of glasses arrived, proving that Christmas can be celebrated in early November. They are now sitting in the kitchen, all sparking and new, waiting for someone to pour themselves a cold beverage.

Happy hour at Traction just got a lot happier.

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