CampaignHealthy Pet

Doubling velocity at retail

Healthy Pet had a simple ask: Disrupt the crowded, unimaginative, and stale cat litter category. Our award-winning work helped them become the first successful category challenger brand in over a decade.

Putting cats first

Our research showed that people think of cats as family members, but competitors all marketed litter based on human needs. So we decided to showcase benefits from a cat’s POV— and talk frankly and honestly about cat sh*t.

Meet Rufus the cat

We took anthropomorphization and dialed it to 11. Enter Rufus, the 6'3'' 200 lb spokescat with all the charming (and not-so-charming) idiosyncrasies of his feline counterparts to undercut a boring category—people related to him instantly.

Family photos of Rufus in action

A litter box of success

  • Ökocat went from 0 to 10k+ shelves nationwide
  • Sales by increased by 600% and velocity at retail doubled
  • Amazon was established as a direct-to-consumer channel
  • Tons of media coverage, including a spotlight in The New York Times

“Rufus makes Morris the cat seem like a feline version of Mother Teresa.”

Stuart Elliot


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