The accountability gap

The Accountability Gap is the space between what clients think is possible and what agencies can deliver in terms of measurable digital marketing results. Can offline sales be directly linked to a given campaign? If so, how far can one break down the data? To the level of specific given impressions and engagements? If so, how actionable is that information? 

Traction Media Director Abraham Snyder says that clients often have unrealistic expectations about the power of numbers and agencies should work harder to set proper expectations about the power of real-time, actionable insights. In his article for MediaPost - The Accountability Gap: Can Offline Sales Be Linked To Digital Ads 

"It's important that agencies take a brave position around this issue w/clients

It’s incumbent on agencies to set realistic expectations now or suffer the consequences of unmet ones down the road."

Abraham Snyder

Media Director

To read more of Abraham's thoughts on the Accountability Gap make sure to read the entire article here.

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