Biggest marketing challenges of 2017

What are the biggest challenges facing marketers in 2017? A recent article written by Chloe Della Costa on iMediaConnection features industry experts from multiple agencies and brand marketers, including Traction’s own Adam Kleinberg, speaking to the challenges that they will be facing over the course of this year. 

According to Adam, “The challenge I'm most excited about is the evolution of customer experience (CX) as a priority for CMOs. As it gets harder to make an impact on audiences by simply buying advertising, brands need to find new ways to create value for customers in order to sustain growth. The brands that will be most successful in this will be those that invest in CX based on an understanding of their customers. As an agency, we are using traditional disciplines of audience research, account planning, and insight development -- the kind of work that used to just be fodder for an advertising brief -- in new applications like content and experience design. As an agency executive, I'm challenged both with ensuring my team understands how their skills and talents can be applied in new contexts, and with communicating the value we can provide to clients that are struggling with growth challenges in a rapidly changing world.”

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January 27, 2017
Traction Digital Agency

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