Introducing a shiny, brand new website

Welcome to the new Traction website. 

Like everything in our industry over the past few years, we've evolved. In the beginning, we were a humble interactive design agency. Today Traction is part advertising agency, part content studio, and part technology consultancy. This allows us to create and develop solutions to reach and engage today’s digital consumer—across any medium. 

We’ve spent the last 15 years developing a wide variety of web apps and experiences for our clients and we’ve always taking that knowledge and packed it into our own web expeirences. This new site is no exception. We’ve developed a fully responsive web experience optimized for the largest to the smallest screens and designed to showcase a variety content in the most engaging way possible.

We chose to build the site with Link for its speed, interface, and flexibility qualities. We utilize css-transforms for design elements and beautiful transitions while minimizing code weight to allow for large visual assets.  In order to make the responsive transitions more natural, we made great use of the more recently supported Link for both typography and element sizing (blog post about this from our developers coming soon). 

We hope to do three things with this new site.

  1. Show you examples of the work we do.
  2. Create some content that we hope you find valuable.
  3. Give you a glimpse of some of the smart people that make up the team at Traction.

We hope to see you often.

- Team Traction

Traction Digital Agency
Traction is an award-winning agency based in San Francisco that believes everything is interactive. And we kick ass.